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How do you start dating with no experience?

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I'm 22 and had always had trouble talking to people in general, let alone women. I am very social with my clusters of friends but outside of my friend groups I'm just not much of a conversationalist and tend to come off as quiet or dull. I had always put off dating because it never seemed like the right time for it in my life and while in recent years I feel like I have really picked myself up as a person, I still am pretty much lost on the whole dating scene. Any advice for a newbie who doesn't want to put it off til the end of days?

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I personally have a kind of similar situation. The one thing you have to work about now is confidence so approaching potential partners feels more natural. I would do so by practicing to leave your comfort zone. Whenever there is a situation that would discomfort you because people in public would judge you, try to do what’s unnatural for you even if it creates a cringe moment. You can really start low as long as you improve yourself. This method will give you complete control over your actions as you will be starting to realizing that not a single one of these cringe situations really hurt you. You will get badass confident. As soon as this happens, you can start approaching possible partners. But keep your badass mindset. Your confidence will draw them to you. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Getting rejected? People thinking bad towards you? As soon as you realize these things don’t matter, you will have nothing to be lose.

Best luck from one, who also had to learn these principles!

“hey you wanna go grab dinner friday night”

Just do it. If youre awkard, shy, whatever. Lean into it and be yourself. Your goal isnt to present yourself as the ideal male specimen. Its to present yourself in an honest a true to self way. Youll find what youre looking for but dont be discouraged if you dont score a date the first few times. Or even a few after that. Not everyone is interested in everyone and thats okay. Dont take is personal. Just be yourself, be willing to improve if you see the opportunity, and be honest about where you are what what you expect. Be honest about not having much or any experience. The other persons job isnt to read your mind and then act accordingly. You have to let them know where youre at so they can act accordingly. And just have fun. Make genuine connections. Just because youre dating a girl doesnt mean youre gonna marry her. Be respectful of her as a person and have fun

Everyone, by definition, starts stating with no experience.

How do you start anything without experience,

You go in blind, learn from your mistakes, and gradually make progress