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How do you start dating with no experience?

You fake it till you make it.

Work on confidence, that is prerequisite to successfull dating. Everything else is just an enhancer that builds on it. Without confidence, you’re in for some rough times.

First, you need people experience. More importantly, stranger experience.

Find a coffee shoppe, go there and enjoy it, read a book while you’re there, write in a journal, eat some good food, and have some coffee. Soon the baristas will recognize you as a regular, just slowly get to know them. And let them slowly get to know you.

Then, it’s all a matter of just learning to approach and be approachable. Talking to those strangers at the coffee shoppe have no bad consequences if you fuck up. You stop going there and they will never see you again.

If you learn to talk to strangers, talking to everyone else becomes easier.

Smile at people as you pass by; if you make eye contact, give them a smirk. It improves your social skills, and brightens their day.

Then it’s just experience from there. You’ll go on dates, and the first one will probably be awkward as hell. That’s okay, and you’ll find people you like and people you don’t like. Again that’s okay; that’s all dating is, finding what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like, until eventually someone ticks all the boxes.