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How would you feel about cars having two different horns, like a polite “please would you move a bit faster, thanks” and a “fuck you for being reckless and dumb”?

There’s a curb your enthusiasm about this.

No, it defeats the whole purpose of a honk, as a warning signal. Your honk is not for telling other people to go faster and it’s also not for telling other people you’re mad at them.

I’m sold on that idea

Actually think that’s a pretty good idea. There are circumstances where a polite beep is necessary, but can’t be achieved since the horn essentially only blares at one setting.

Say the person at the traffic light infront of you is on their phone, so they’re not paying attention when it turns green. A little polite beep would be nice to just nudge them to look up and pay attention. But honking the horn has such a “fuck you, asshole” vibe to it that it can really trigger that person if they’re a hot headed asshole. Hence a lot of the road rage incidents that occur

Sounds cool but I’d probably hit the wrong one