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How would you feel if the only thing we knew about presidential candidates was their stance on issues…no information on party, name, gender, race, or religious beliefs (or lack thereof)?

I think parties are pretty important. It allows the voter to see more exactly who the candidate aligned with and would be working with in their administration. It also allows better communication among the people, giving them a “home base” to better understand what a candidate thinks and feels.

Unfortunately, this system doesn’t work because generations have allowed two parties to bully and buy their way to the top, shutting down any potential competition other than themselves.

Name, gender, and race I would agree with. Not religious beliefs because some people are way too serious about their beliefs and I would want to know whether they’re beliefs are going to impact their decisions. For example, someone who’s super Christian might be against gays. I wouldnt want that.

If you mean that each candidate has a blog or something where they can list their point of view on different things then it could work although you would never know if they’re lying since you can’t hear voice inflections or see their faces. I think it would certainly reveal the real stance of the community though since everyone gets so focused on what party they like that they don’t always pay attention to the candidate having stances that oppose that party’s ideals.

I’d like that substantially more.

Maybe if we did away parties. Until then, it would be hard to trust such a system.