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How would you feel if the only thing we knew about presidential candidates was their stance on issues…no information on party, name, gender, race, or religious beliefs (or lack thereof)?

Not a fan.

Stances on issues can change – and should, because the world can change fast and we are often forced to adapt. Look at this pandamic, or stuff like 9/11.

We can’t know what challenged we will face in a few years, so in addition to their stances on issues right now, we should know what kind of person they are and how they might act in the future when a new issue comes up.

Reminder that one of the parties has refused to publish their platform.

That is an excellent idea.

This assumes experience is not relevant- which is ridiculous. What a person has done is more important then what they say. There’s no way to anonymize someone’s experience and reputation.

2 party system has ruined the US as predicted