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How would you feel if the only thing we knew about presidential candidates was their stance on issues…no information on party, name, gender, race, or religious beliefs (or lack thereof)?

I think instead of voting for candidates every voter should take a quiz similar to isidewith and their vote would be given to the candidate/party who sides with their views the most.

If their stance’s could be confirmed and reliable sure but everything else kinda builds the bigger picture of how full of shit they are.

Well, that would of course need to be in focus and it is where I live. I don’t really appreciate the way politics are viewed in the US. However, it’d be nice to know if you see a person of color or a woman because they’re underrepresented. The policies would be the most important, but if I get two identical policies but one is a black woman and one is a white man, I’d be inclined to vote for the black woman just because they’re underrepresented. That said, I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t get to know that at all.

It used to be that way until the 70’s or so (obviously not the race, gender, religion part) Being liberal or conservative was not necessarily associated with being democrat or republican so people followed candidates stated positions more than they do now.

no. fuck their stance. gimme same rules (-name rule cuz checking backgrounds yourself) but instead have a list of things they have done. I want to see the ways they have impacted our world for good and bad. You can have a stance on whatever the fuck you want but your actions are firm and unchanged.