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If you worked in a school and the children started spreading a rumour about you saying they saw you having sex with a shoe in the back of your car, when in fact you were only trying to clean the shoe with your trousers, would you quit your job or just laugh it off and hope the rumours stop?

You gotta move cities man

We had a teacher in mIddle school that had previously taught at the local High School. We found out that he had kissed a pig at school. I’m not sure why he did it, sub for Santa, or something I’m sure. It spread so quick though our school. The big thing was he was a horrible teacher and none the students would listen to him made us tease him so much more. I’m sure if he was a good teacher it would died down and it would have been okay.

Omg it’s the shoe fucker!!

Her name is Elizabeth and she’s better to me than any real woman has ever been!

Why were you trying to clean the shoe?

It must have been a very dirty shoe.

A filthy, dirty shoe.