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Is anyone else scared of going back to normal social life?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Is anyone else scared of going back to normal social life?

I'm a decently social person but personally I'm worried about the lack of socialization to immediate full fledged interaction and knowing if I still know how to interact with people.

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I work in schools as a consultant for staff who work with students with autism from k-12. My team is working hard preparing for this anxiety. We are making all our resources available for all students as we figure everyone is going to have a hard time.

Strategies that we have come up with to prepare.

Thw following are ideas we might be sending out. The brackets are the answers for my home.

  1. Write down things you expect will remain the same (in my house we kept the same wake up times and breakfast times as before so I know my morning routine will be the same. I will get up at 6 am and have coffee. I will walk my dog. I will have breakfast near 7. My breakfast options will be the same)

  2. Write down things that are going to be the same pre lockdown and post lockdown (I will still go to the same school. I still like to go to ___ park. Tom Joe and Steve are my friends. )

  3. Write down things you know are different. Come up with a strategy for these things (people are excited to see each other but still can’t touch. My strategy is to come up with 5 funny phrases I can use to greet people like saying” Yo, Banana!!”)

Come up with a list of things that you arent sure about. Have a plan A and plan B. (I travel between 4 workplaces. I’m not sure if I will be allowed to or if I can only work from 1. My A plan is visiting all my workplaces. My B plan is using video chat to access my other teams in different locations. I’m not sure of my kids can go to their school. My plan A is them going to school. My plan b is they stay home with my husband. If he is also called back to work my plan C is asking my neighbour to watch them)

  1. Have a plan for when things dont go to plan. Ex. Maybe crowds never bothered you and now they are overwhelming. Or you were just sneezed on by a moron and you forgot your mask and purell at home. (I know some deep breathing activities that help me calm. My car is a safe place so I can ask for a break and go there for a bit. I feel better in fresh air so I can go for a walk on my lunch to decompress)
    Knowing where you have control and where you dont and having plans makes a big difference. I know my writing here is really robotic and cheesy. I know this was about more stationary operations but you could do the same sort of break down for social interactions.

My social life hasn’t changed one bit.
Yes I’m a hermit.

What’s normal social life

Loads of people are worried about it. But it will be fine. Like people have bern worried about forgetting how to drive, but you don’t so easily forget (although ironically, the people who are still driving seem to have forgotten how to do it safely, or maybe they’re just the ones who never knew that). Same with interacting with people except that’s considerably more natural.

I am worried about this too. Also worried about gauging when it is safe enough.