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Men who are abused by woman, and tried to tell someone, what was it like?

I never really spoke about the abuse I received. Mine mostly came in the form of gaslighting and being taken advantage of. The one time she gave me a black eye, people would ask what happened, I would say “My wife hit me.” and they would laugh or mage some kind of ‘witty’ remark. I look back at it all now and I still somehow feel is my fault for being stupid and too eager to please instead of her being at fault.

Ooof probably need a serious tag on this one

Manipulated by her and thank god my friends AND her friends believed me; they shunned her for it. Now that I’m no longer living where it happened, I don’t talk about it. Instead I just listen to others who might be going through the same thing and believe them.

I was told by the police that they wouldn’t press charges because she said it didn’t happen.

No one believed me so I moved away. Just deleted all forms of social media. Got a new job right away before the rona that pays great and I just live by myself in a small cabin with good internet connection. I’ve never felt so stress free in my life. Apparently she went berserk on fb, showing her true colors after I left then everyone believed me.