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Men who are abused by woman, and tried to tell someone, what was it like?

It’s always “just sit down and talk with them” . Never works, and especially since it’s the whole “mother being disciplinary” shpeel, it’s automatically invalidated. Gas lighting, emotional abuse, the works. I can’t do anything about it. Life goes on

My mum threw a whole umbrella at me like a javelin when she found out I was watching porn, she broke like 2 ribs

People are always on the side of those who tell the story. In my case there were many people who have been supportive but there always been that “BUT” thing, where (especially women) are trying to put bit of a blame on me saying it was my fault because I should behave this or that way to not provoke things. And it’s not that I have done any harm to my ex, we weren’t meant for each others but with all that shit she have done to me, there was loads of shit she accused me of to excuse her behaviour. And some women bought that excuses easily.

OP, abuse is a abuse. RUN BRO.

when I tried to talk to her about it, I got a lot of “this is embarrassing, I don’t want to hear this” crap.

So what I did was, I transposed all the body parts and sexes of my experience, and put it out there for all to read. It was very gratifying for everyone to tell me that as a man, doing what I had “done,” I should be in jail.