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Men who are abused by woman, and tried to tell someone, what was it like?

The police made me leave my own apartment for the night. They also told me I would go to jail too of she said I hit here even with no evidence and it being an obvious lie.

Got feminism shoved down my throat. Would recommend to talk about this only to men

Not me, but a friend of mine. He told me the story, I was in disbelief and I couldn’t understand why he would let a girl destroy him like that. I talked to him everyday after he left the girl. He was was very angry at himself and turned everything inward. Took over 6 months till he started to feel like himself. The girl took his money and then went around destroyed his reputation in every network painting him as almost a rapist. I knew the full story and had evidence to back it up but all women didn’t care about what proof we had, they would be on her side and would ignore facts and evidence.

And this thread shows exactly why I’m staying the fuck away from any relationship.

Should put a Serious tag on this.