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Non Americans who have visited the USA, what surprised you?

How gigantic everything is, but the alcoholic drinks are tiiiiiny. I ordered some onion rings and it looked like an entire meal. Insane.

How nice everyone is. When you’re standing in line for something, people start chatting to you. In Scandinavia that’s pretty much proof you’re certifiable.

And then the literal big surprise. Ordered a pasta dish at a restaurant. When the waitress brought my food, I thought I had accidentally ordered for the whole table. Portion sizes are INSANE!

The not so good things: Bad roads and bridges, bad digital infrastructure – land lines everywhere. People still use cash. Poverty – but I knew that already. It’s just a shock to see it in real life, I guess.

Well it wasn’t surprising to me but probably to all the other Europeans, especially gen z.

I wasn’t murdered and everyone was nice. Nobody brought up politics publically and we weren’t ambushed by rioters

Honesty, I was in Arizona. I seen some of the most beautiful Latino women EVER!!! My goodness.

The Big Bass Pro Shop our tour guide took us in was really surprising. I believe we went to the one in Kodak, TN.