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People who refuse to wear masks during the pandemic, why?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: People who refuse to wear masks during the pandemic, why?
People who refuse to wear masks during the pandemic, why?

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Why would anybody even bother reply to this just to get downvoted & brigaded on.

This is MassimoL I just got piled on for daring to suggest that people who work in rough dirty jobs for years might have rough dirty hands.
Apparently Im very wrong & really need to be told as much.

Anybody that answers this is a masochist

I don’t wear a mask because we have no community transmission here (Australia) and I wear glasses and they fog up when I wear one. I have a poor immune system so I try not to leave the house and when I do, I don’t touch anything I don’t have to and try to stay as far away from people as I can

Not an anti-masker, just came here to say that it’s some kind of bizarre coincidence that most people who have a medical condition that might prohibit mask wearing also happen to be politically opposed to any mask wearing.

Just became mandatory in my city and so many people are pissing the bed about it.

Like it’s to stop you from dying you dips.

I asked one guy why he wasn’t wearing his the other day (it’s part of my job to make sure everyone in the building is masked up) and he said “I’m not sick”…. Like yes that’s the whole point is so you don’t get sick dummy.

To all those, who don’t wear the mask in public:
In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman tells the young police officer Blake that the mask is not for you, it’s to protect the people you care about. This is also the case right now. Batman is not the hero we deserve but the hero we need.

Batman is real.