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[SERIOUS] Suicide attempt survivors of Internet, do you have any words of advice for people currently struggling with depression/suicidal thoughts?

Just keep trying. There’s no one answer you have to keep pushing. I realized suicide would be the end I would miss out on so much. The cons of suicide vastly out weigh the pros. I still have suicidal thoughts and want to give you almost everyday but the fact that I am here can attest to my will. The same with you

The universe won’t let you out.

I guess it depends on what you are feeling. Thinking about how much my death would hurt my mother used to help me through. It really only helps to talk to people who really understand. I have found that grounding helps me now, if you know what that is. It gets you out of your head for a while which eases the torment.

Create space between you and your thoughts; the awareness aspect of you that registers thoughts

Therapeutic drugs can help start this process of creating space; meditating may help in the long term after that

Besides that, build on the three pillars: sleep, nutrition, exercise

Commit to an hour of no electronics everyday prior to sleeptime… increase water intake, eat more green stuff… take walks, run, bike, a exercise hobby, lift weights

strength comes from within, awareness remains

does it?

It gets better.