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[SERIOUS] Suicide attempt survivors of Internet, do you have any words of advice for people currently struggling with depression/suicidal thoughts?

This too shall pass.

I don’t want this to come across poorly because I truly do care and am not trying to ruin the post and the others that have survived, but I feel like this more or less applies to perhaps maybe adults and teens who have the ability to seek help. But look at the amount of children than have been abducted and unfathomably abused. They don’t have that luxury and perhaps suicide is the only end to their suffering. There isn’t a guarantee things get better for them. Idk, I remember reading the book A Child Called It and could never imagine that pain and I probably would have tried to commit suicide myself.

Do you really want to miss how all this shit turns out?

Friend said that to me when I needed to hear it. It swings from fatalism to optimism and back again some days, but I always want to know what happens tomorrow.

What ever you are going through there is always a way out. Your life worth more than any pain or struggles you are facing. There will always be someone there love and care about you.

If you’re struggling to keep yourself safe or can’t trust yourself to stay safe- go to the hospital. When it’s exhausting to have the battle in your head to try not to kill yourself, go to the hospital. It was the best choice I ever made and the best sleep I ever had when I didn’t have to try to distract myself so much I wouldn’t want to die. My meds got readjusted, I had time to rest, and I was taken care of which I hadn’t been doing so great at anyways.