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Since 2020 is basically Murphy’s Law every month, what is the most improbable thing that you have personally witnessed?

I was just trying to take a shortcut through a field, and literally ended up getting stared down by a gang of threateningly stanced sheep until I turned around and went the long way.

Yeahhhh 2020 has to be for me personally one of the worst years of ny life….my mom died last November after 1 year battle against cancer (not 2020 but still) then 2020 hits and I have a motorcycle accident in Jan 10 which fractured my foot but worst of all the blow damaged my facial never which left me with paralysis and I lost around 20 pounds (always has struggled to gain weight ) so its not good.

At least I have not catched any virus

People attacking 5g masts here in the U.K believing they were actually the cause of coronavirus symptoms.

2020 has been the year of the brave and the year of the “I’m so fucking stupid I’m not even sure how I get out of bed in the morning” types….

Oh and beaches swamped with families while a virus rages globally…again the fucking stupid out in force

oh, 2020 was a very interesting year for me…. and the last 2 month were a blast!

… I quit my job I had for the last 5 years by the end of january, because the company moved to a shitty place and I didn’t want to move with it… so I started another job in february – and I didn’t like it by the first week… after a few weeks I was thinking about quitting again, because I was sooo unhappy there.. but covid started and I was struggling with myself.. should I listen to my “heart” and quit or should I stay because of covid, bad time to find another job etc… but then, at the last day of my trial period I quit…. I thought “fuck it, what’s the worst that can happen?!” (I live in Switzerland, so the worst thing that could happen was that I have to live for 3 month without an income, in the worst case, before the insurance starts to kick in)…

so yeah, I had my last day… still a bit unsure about my decision, but felt good overall….. ……whatever… 2 days in my “free live” without a job, a company I applied for a job last year called me.. they invited me to an interview for basicaly my dreamjob… and, I got the job…! 🙂 … a month later (2 weeks ago) I started there… it’s a blast! and not to make this story even longer (with my terrible english): in the same week I found my dream house for rent and got it…! I’ll move in there by next month..! 😀

so, 2020 was quit a blast for me so far… 🙂

but yeah… 3 weeks ago 2 birds shitted on me while flying within 5 days….

A manager actually cancelled his weekly update meeting and said “just email me everything”…..