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Since 2020 is basically Murphy’s Law every month, what is the most improbable thing that you have personally witnessed?

Just happened to me yesterday. I woke up with my tendinitis in my left foot acting up (it tends to flare once or twice a year), then my IBS decided to act up too and I had diarrhea all day until I was completely empty. Then my fridge broke. Repair guy can’t come until next Friday. Had to toss all my food. Couldn’t ice my foot because no freezer.

I had 2020 in one day.

I went out to our fenced backyard in the middle of the night to let the dog out and I see the biggest deer I’ve ever seen hopping across my yard. This is probably 20 or 30 ft from my door. Skips over the 4ft tall fence like it’s nothing. Scared the living shit out of me

I went with a friend to the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. There’s a path that goes past the water, and while we were looking out at the harbour someone floated past us playing a piano on a raft.

I took the same friend for a picnic by the river, and while we were sitting there a tank drove up from under the water (not towards us though). I assume there was some kind of military base nearby.

A guy clipping his toe nails at 3 am in the subway

I met my best friend’s brother’s mother in law at the gym. The most improbable part is that I got to know her.