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Since 2020 is basically Murphy’s Law every month, what is the most improbable thing that you have personally witnessed?

Bikes and bullets are experiencing extreme supply shortages.

A husband with ten years of ineffective sperm count impregnated his wife who has been diagnosed as unable to naturally produce eggs. Their three existing kids were all guided IVF. Now there’s a natural baby and they’re not sure yet if this is Jesus or Damien. Check the skies in about 40 weeks.

I bought a tv last month, and when I bought I was told I had a chance to win my money back. I thought nothing of it. Then last week I put in my order number and somehow, I won. £3000 back in my account and swanky new tv for free. Then on the same day I bought a sonos arc off amazon. There was a fuck up with the delivery and to make it up to me they gave me a full refund. The arc arrived the next day.

So, if you knew me youd know how unlucky I am. And yet in the space of 24 hours I got a free tv and free soundbar totalling up to £3799. And yes, this post is an unashamedly humble brag.

At home had to go pee. Sister was in the bathroom so i had to go outside.Went in the back yard behind the pine tree. I was peeing out the beautiful parabolic arch when a humming bird came by and drank my piss right from the maximum.

Got a full time job in my field AFTER the pandemic started.

I make twice what I used to make and have more freedom when it comes to scheduling.

I’m 32. I haven’t had a full time job in over 11 years. I’m beyond happy.