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Teachers of Internet: They say there are no stupid questions, but what’s the most stupid question a student has ever asked you?

The dumbest thing a kid (10th grade, so like 16 y/o) ever said in my classes was from a student who had just completed a presentation on Afghanistan. I was asking some general questions about his project. I asked him if he knew the geographical location of Afghanistan. He responded, “I don’t know! I ain’t Google!”

Had the dental program in from the nearby university talking to my 6th graders about Oral Hygiene. They were showing test tube full of sugar indicating how much sugar was in things like soda, candy, etc.

When the hygienist held up one and said, “This is how much sugar is in one cup of jello.” A student blurted out, “Even in sugar free?!” ?‍♀️

I am a teacher and I’ve gotten some good ones during this covid virtual school situation.

8th grader who has turned in literally ZERO assignments all quarter. 2 days before the end of the term emails me with this one, “I know my grade isn’t that great. Is there some extra credit I could do to bring it up?”

Me: “ No. No there’s no extra credit. Extra means above and beyond. You need to do the credit first before asking about *extra credit.”

Student: “Oh ok. I was just wondering how I could bring my grade up”

Me: bang head on desk.

And from a 6th grader…
The assignment was to submit a video recording of yourself. This brilliant child submitted a pdf of the instructions.

Me: “Student, this is the same instructions I sent you. You need to follow these instructions and submit a recording.”

Student: (emails another pdf attachment) “Is this it”

Me: “Well, that’s the instructions again. I need a recording. You can record on a smartphone or your chrome book and email it to me”.

Student: sends another pdf attachment. “Is this it?”

Me: (internally screaming) “Did you at any time press a ‘record’ button?”

This kid sent me the same PDF, no lie, FIVE times asking me “is this it?”

Student’s mom: “My child doesn’t understand what to do and neither do I”

Me: (internally) No shit. Somehow 50 other kids managed to figure it out.

“can I jump out the window?” Like??? Should I call your counselor?

Not a teacher but I was in 11th grade and we where sitting in rows of three. I was at the back and the kid in the front had a shirt with an image of Virginia(that state where this takes place) on the back, the girl in front of me asks “what’s that?” And points at the image, I sarcastically reply “north Dakota” and she legitimately says “Oh Ok”. That was the day we realized she literally didn’t know what states where