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Teachers of Internet: They say there are no stupid questions, but what’s the most stupid question a student has ever asked you?

I teach elementary school. One of my students asked if honey comes from a persons eyebrows. Another teacher walked by and asked what I was teaching in my class.

Not exactly stupid since these are from innocent little kids who just don’t know any better, but they are too cute not to share.

I was teaching second graders about Van Gogh. I explained that he only sold one painting when he was alive, but he is now dead and his paintings sell for millions of dollars. Cutest second grader ever asked, “How does he get them down from there?” I was totally confused and asked, “Down from where?” Her reply? “Heaven.”

Another time I was teaching a first grade class. They are really chatty so I asked them to stop talking and blurting things out and to raise their hand if they had a question or comment. Adorable little boy raised his hand and asked, “Is it ok if I talk in my head? It’s really hard not to talk in my head.” Of course you can kid; that’s called thinking.

I’ve posted this one before so I just copied and pasted it:

During silent reading one of my 8th graders raised his hand, and I said I would be right there.

He said “No I just have a quick question you don’t have to come here.” I started walking over there to him anyway, and he asks loudly “Is the president of America also the president in Ohio? Like do they have the same president as us?”

This was only one week after the kid got moved to my advanced class because he was not getting along with the kids in his class. I was proud of my other students though, some of the main weird faces, but everyone remain silent and didn’t laugh at him.

TA at a university. Student (sitting at a computer with a smartphone in hand) asked me to send them the webpage I had projected at the front of the room. It was the initial results page from Googling a question they had about Microsoft Word.

Not a teacher, but I remember this one time in elementary when someone’s dad showed up for career day. We all sat around him while he explained his career and at the end he asked if we had any questions. Now, this is where it goes downhill. Immediately one guy asks, “If you jump in a pool of oil, will you explode?” Being a bunch of 7 year olds, this had us all intrigued. The man dismissed it and asked another. “If you pour gasoline on someone, and light a fire, will they explode?” We were all now exploding with laughter. All subsequent questions had then either to do with explosions or oil fires. The man clearly got agitated and told us to stop asking exploding questions. Next guy asks, “Ok, ok, BUT, BUT, if you swallow a little, JUST A LITTLE, and light a match. Will you explode?”