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Teachers of Internet: They say there are no stupid questions, but what’s the most stupid question a student has ever asked you?

Toured a university medical department with my high school advance placement biology class. Prof was showing class internal organs and pulls out a uterus. 12th grade boy exclaims “that’s kinda small! Is that why girls have to pee all the time?!”

Obligatory not a teacher but…

Had a classmate who, wasn’t the brightest shall we say. She like this all the time. My teacher was asking about a hypothetical extinction level asteroid hitting earth ( class discussions were often odd).

This girl raises her hand and, without any trace of sarcasm asks “why couldn’t we just drive away?”.

The teacher, who wasn’t the nicest guy, couldn’t even formulate a response.

Teacher, why F?

Kid failed every test (as in not answering anything) and never did any homework..

This is at the university level.

“What’s the circumference of a square?”

Wait, do you have to take books back to a library? From a tenth grader.
Class dissolved into laughter. I thought she was joking, then saw her face and realised she was actually confused. No idea what she thought happened to the library books when you had read them.