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What are some really bad common life choices?

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What are some really bad common life choices?

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Staying in a bad situation because you are afraid of changing it

Dating the wrong person for too long. Wrong career. Substance abuse

Excess, be that drinking, smoking, eating or just working too much.

Credit card debt

Not getting enough sleep

Think you can do it later.

Thinking that a threesome or a baby will fix a bad relationship.

Neglecting Relationships:
Failing to invest time and effort in maintaining relationships with family, friends, or partners, which can lead to loneliness and a lack of support.

Using a credit card to buy things without the means to repay it without interest

Failing to invest in yourself. Whether it be learning new skills, exercise, therapy or simply experiencing new things.

Getting addicted to nicotine. It’s utterly pointless, doesn’t even get you high…well in the beginning you get a head rush for like 30 seconds to a minute but it quickly stops being a thing as the tolerance increases. But it’s a bitch to kick once you do get addicted. You just don’t know how to be without it anymore.

I remember my grandma making me promise to never start smoking. I promised but I was in my mid-teens back then and smoking seemed cool (e-cigs/vapes were still like 10 years ahead). Well, it all started with me occasionally bumming a cigarette from the “cool kids”, eventually asking the older kids to buy me a pack and I ended up a full time smoker for almost 10 years. Like during the ages 16-26 I smoked.

Nowadays I use nicotine pouches for harm reduction but damn, it’s a totally pointless addiction to have. I basically use it just to curb the craving. Doesn’t make me feel “good” or alter my mind in any way, like weed or alcohol would..

Getting into and staying in relationships that are bad for you. Also rebounding too quickly after a breakup or divorce? Why do so many people do this? It may sound negative but I’m pretty sure the odds are high that rebound relationships and marriages aren’t going to last long.

Having children with no means to support them.

Having kids before you do some research, have the funds, and make a realistic, solid plan. Practicing with those babies from high school sounds silly but if more men and women did it and tried to keep the thing fed and happy while living adult lives and not the ones they had in highschool this may change a lot of misconceived ideas about how child rearing actually goes.

Staying on a dead end job

Having kids because you’re afraid you might regret not having them.

Picking an unsuitable person to have kids with.

Repeating the crap you grew up with.

going to university only because you think you have to. for some people it is a good decision but it is not for everyone and there are other options

Starting to smoke cigarettes

Sitting for too long, constantly, everyday

Bad debt on dumb shit

Not taking care of teeth

Having children with essentially random people