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What did you learn from your first girlfriend/boyfriend?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What did you learn from your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
What did you learn from your first girlfriend/boyfriend?

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Sometimes the way people behave in relationships have nothing to do with you, or me in this sense. I dated a girl who went from guy to guy to guy and I realized that I was a small bump on a road to her finding out who she is and dealing with the things she needs to grow up and be a beautiful person. I’ve done the same to woman. I hope this makes sense.

Teenage love is shit.

That you should never take any relationship for granted – you always need to make efforts and work towards keeping a happy relationship with the ones you love.

Didn’t do it back then (at least after some years), but at least it taught me how to do it for future relationships, so I guess that’s nice

I also learned that being in a happy relationship means that you (as well as your partner) need to make compromises from time to time – because nobody is always on the same page with everything. But in the end of the day, if you want to be a team, you need to make it work. Once somebody is not willing to do that, the relationship is going down the drain …

No matter how perfect you think things are going. She says she’s happy and likes you, you’re happy and really like her. She can ghost you. And you’ll be left not knowing what you did wrong..

Just because you treat someone well doesn’t mean they’ll return the favour, and the amount of people you can trust in this world is a lot less than you think