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What is a dead giveaway that someone is creepy or a weirdo?

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What is a dead giveaway that someone is creepy or a weirdo?

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Met a girl through class. She immediately became very attached and asked for my apartment key the second time we hung out together, which was about one week apart. We’re both girls and we literally hung out twice.

My wife had a male coworker that built a diorama of one of her female coworkers being eaten alive by a tarantula. He then thought it would be a good idea to show the diorama to her and other coworkers. Management found him a job at another company rather than firing him. My wife and her coworkers were relieved that he was gone, grateful that he wasn’t likely to consider his separation antagonistic, but worried about his future coworkers.

Not really a universally applicable sign, but definitely an unambiguous sign.

They make comments that are absolutely out of line, like sexual or violent comments, like it’s normal. It’s one thing to joke but you can just tell when someone is being serious.

They don’t understand personal space.

They are pushy and don’t respect boundaries

They constantly have interactions where everyone else is completely crazy. Normal people don’t get banned from Costco, spit on gas station attendants and get tased by the cops. If this shit happens to you you’re probably a creepy weirdo. And yes, I’m sure all of your ex girlfriends were the problem.

Chris Hansen asks them to have a seat.

If they have absolutely zero personality outside of sex.

He refers to himself as an “alpha male”

Anyone else reading this to see if they’re weirdo? Or just me and my social anxiety?

“Where’s my hug?”

Their username is begging for nudes from strangers

Adults begging children to give them a kiss or a hug despite being told no

You walk past them as they are looking at their phone and see they have a picture of you taken from across the food court of you unhinging your jaw to take a bite of a burger.

They tell you who you are and what you like, and if you stand up for yourself they gaslight you and try to play games with your boundaries to break them down.

Grown men who tell teenage girls that they’re “mature for their age”

don’t take no for an answer

They have a glass cage in their basement!

When you’re using a public urinal and a complete stranger stands directly behind you quietly for no reason.

They’re a moderator on MassimoL.