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What is a toxic behavior that is disguised as virtue?

Most of cancel culture

Talking about how people who don’t share your religion are immoral and just inherently bad, and being spiteful and dishonest and manipulative but thinking that you’re a good person because you talk on the phone about how much you love Jesus and Trump to all your 80-year-old-woman friends (that one’s pretty specific to my grandmother).

When I am around groups of people that are overtly positive, like a workout group or something, I get crazy annoyed. Not that I’m a proponent of negativity, but I am of a proponent of moderation and balance. Without negativity in a strictly positive situation, there’s no balance or check. And when it’s amplified by a large group of people, it quickly becomes loud and obnoxious to me. It’d be the same case if you were around a group of people that were overtly negative. The lack of balance makes me so uncomfortable.

Being a guy and always paying for dinner.

Women should always pay half. Equality after all. You pay now, I pay next time.

People that “are always worried of you” but they are just expecting the moment you make a mistake or be under a bad situation so they can feel relieved their lifes are better than yours