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What is a toxic behavior that is disguised as virtue?

Constant self-diminishing and downplaying of your abilities as “humility”.

Just accept and recognize that you’re pretty skilled / have a lot of experience in something, instead of saying that it’s easy, that anyone could do the same and the list goes on.

The workaholic. It’s fine to work hard at something you love, but not at the expense of everything else.

Corporate passive aggressive behavior.

Yes, you’re saying all the right things and everything checks out if read back on a transcript, but you and I both know you’ve simply found a way to abuse the rules for your own gain.

Mum says several people on her facebook are ANGRY that they were told their services weren’t needed when they signed up to the towns volunteer service to help folk during this crisis (we had an amazing number of people come forward).

They’re mad because they “want to help” and “do their bit” and honestly she realised so many of them are the ones who do charity drives and stuff like that just to show off how much of a #GoodPerson they are and to have others praise them for being a #GoodPerson

The ones we know who are helping are getting on and doing it. Odd picture or post but certainly not what these people would be doing.

The amount of people who use bipolar disorder as an excuse to be crappy individuals. I’m not saying that everyone with bipolar disorder is like that (I have also been diagnosed). Which is why it’s irritating when somebody does something douchey and blames it on their disorder. Doing that just furthers the negative stigma that revolves around people with bipolar disorder.