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What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?

My (60F) neighbour was about to open her gate but then she saw us, and she quickly turned around to say hello. Well, she perfectly face planked to the ground while doing so, got up and acted like nothing had happened and continued talking. I tried to ask her if she was okay but couldn’t stop laughing. I must have looked like an asshole, it was the most perfect plank I’ve ever seen.

One day in class when I was 15 the teacher talked about a kid that died during the french revolution, and my friend decided to talk about a bdsm hitler crossover with the teacher that talked about that

Why u do dis to me, this whole situation is bad

A teenager was harassing a middle aged woman in a wheel chair.

The teenager tried to kick her in the face ….. she caught his foot so he fell on his face, she held his foot up and repeatedly kicked his nuts with her giant special boot.

i was at a restaurant and outside i saw a kid fall of a trampoline,no serious injuries or anything if someone is worried

I was working at a McDonald’s cleaning in front next door I saw a guy walking and someguy comes on his bike behind and lays him out with one punch