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What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?

Saw a blind guy walk out of a tram and faceplant straight into a pole once. Unfolded his walking stick milliseconds before it, too. I had to lower my head and focus really hard not to burst out laughing.

Another time I watched a different blind guy confidently cross the street, extending his stick to signal to the cars that he’s about to cross. Once he reached the other side of the road, he walked straight into a ditch and banged against a tree. A few hours later I watched that same blind guy cross the same street again,… And fall into the same ditch, again. I had to run away from the situation because I couldn’t contain myself.

A good joke 15 minutes later with the same person.

I was doing storefront fundraising at a WalMart for the non-profit I’m a part of. I pitched a guy on the way in and his reply was “I’ll donate to someone else as soon as someone donates me a kidney.” I expressed my sympathies and moved on.

The guy I was fundraising with pitched the man again as he walked out of the store. The man must’ve said something derogatory and my partner looked at me, shrugged, and made a funny face. I laughed and the guy wheeled around and started screaming and cursing at me for laughing at a man who needs a kidney transplant.

He ended up calling the store and saying I was mocking his plight and we were asked to leave for the day.

During my graduation ceremony, I was in the front row. We all got up to sing the school’s anthem. The song was also gestured(?) in sign language. For some reason I found the person’s gestures really silly and I was barely containing myself from erupting into laughter.

A handicapped person the bus, but I was 16yrs old, we had just bought some weed at the mall(lmao) from some random dude that worked at Above the Belt at the time and smoked out at the bus station just prior. Now the entire ride he kept making a gun with his finger and pointing at me and my friends going “pop pop pop.” We were all so high we were dying laughing and the volunteer helping them(handler) tried to fight us. It was intense. He thought we were making fun of the handicap person, but really it was the weed combined with the pop pop pop shit.