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What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?

I was out with a cousin that I had not seen in quite a while since she lives in another country. We were at a cafeteria/bar type thing. Since she was staying a few days only, she asked me if it was okay if some friends of hers that she hadnt seen in years came along. Told her sure and 10 mins later they come sit with us. One of them (they were 3) starts telling us whats up with his life and casually drops “oh my father also died this summer” (as if he had bought a new phone or sth) and I almost spit my drink… I really tried not laughing but he didnt help. I left out a tiny giggle and he continued telling how his father died casually. I had to look at my phone to not lose it..

At my grandpas funeral my aunt was telling this woman wo my grandfather absolutely hated that he always liked her and cared about her. She then continued to tell the now crying woman that she was still allowed to celebrate christmas at my aunts house. Me and my sister were laughing about that the entire time.

About 2 and a half years ago I was walking down the Main Street in my city and let me tell you, it was about half past boiling degrees. Anyway, as I’m just walking along (and struggling might I add) this guy who would have to have been around 6.9ft lumbers past me in an old Victorian Top hat! I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a light chuckle (I held back as I didn’t want to be rude). To my surprise, he must have heard me and he turns to me and gives me a big cheeky wink before tipping his hat and running away. I still think about that big fella from time to time.

Not laughing at what was said at the Assembly, but my friend said something funny to be right as a moment of silence started.

I don’t think I need to explain further.

Was on a Bus in Winter, a young Woman was running to catch it, the bus driver shut the doors 3 or 4 meters before she arrived and she slipped on the ice while realizing she was too late. I laughed so loudly in Schadenfreude and everyone else was just „bro not cool“