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What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?
What is the worst thing that you have laughed at In public?

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My wife and I walked around the grocery store one day and when we turned around an isle a 7′ girl all of the sudden was in front of us. We managed to not laugh or stare, barely. Then a black guy that was approx 15 seconds behind us noticed and loudly yelled “danm you’re tall as hell girl” in a voice only a 40+ black man can make. We bursted and quickly got into another isle. Poor girl.
She seemed shy and bothered by being in public. Just because of people like me and my wife. Frick us.

I happened to witness the immediate aftermath of a car accident between this woman and a younger guy who seemed to be a new driver.

The young guy had a STOP sign and the woman was cussing at him, telling him he should be paying more attention and that he will kill someone if he drives like that. The poor dude was practically speechless and still reeling from the shock of the accident.

Just as I was about to go on with my day, here comes a delivery guy on a scooter. He stops for half a sec to take stock of the situation and goes “Hey, lady! Leave the poor kid alone, you were going the wrong way on a one-way street” while pointing at a sign that confirmed what he said.

Suffice it to say, I pissed myself laughing at her as she went back to her car realizing she was at fault after all.

My dad’s funeral. My maternal grandfather got very emotional, and when he’s emotional, he loses his English and lapses into Welsh. He’s also a trained singer, so halfway through one of the hymns he starts bellowing it out in Welsh, which no one else in the church could speak (we live in Scotland). It was funny and awful at the same time.

was in a resturant and there was this kid a few seats ahead of me just being loud and annoying, so when he got out of his seat to do god knows what, he tripped and fell on his untied show and face planted into the hardwood floor, i laughed out loud so hard and i got a lot of nasty stares but it was worth it

The ending of a boy in the striped pajamas. They were showing it at the blood donation place I went to, and at the end of the movie >!The son of the German running the concentration camp wonders into the camp, and get’s sent to the gas chamber.!< The irony of it made me giggle, and the dirty looks from all of the old ladies who had also just given blood, and watched the movie made me loss it. I was crying from laughter, and that's the story of why I am no longer allowed to give blood.