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What is the worst thing that you’ve seen a coworker do and still avoid being fired?

Nothing. Documenting work as completed when no actual work had been done.

Management knew or was suspicious of it, but not so much as a write up our reprimand. Eventually, management changed, figured out no work was being done, called it fraud, and canned them.

The job was easy too, and good money. I don’t get why they didn’t just do the work.

Eat weed, urinate outdoors on garbage cans in public, masterbate and drink on the job.

I work at a psychiatric hospital and we had a patient who was blind and who was admitted for drug induced psychosis along with visual and auditory hallucinations. At my hospital we only accept the people who are an immediate danger to themselves or others. When a patient first comes to us they are put on a check sheet meaning every 10 minutes a staff member needs to see that the patient is breathing and safe. But sometimes we need to do a one to one (1:1) meaning a staff member needs to be with this person at all times, either for their safety or the safety of other patients. We also have little body alarms and floor alarms for patients (mostly geriatrics) who are unsteady while walking and need assistance. These devices let us know when they get up so we can assist them.

So anyway the blind patient was on a 1:1 and was taking a nap in their room. The staff had a laptop to do some charting while sitting on the 1:1. Well this staff member put the laptop on the floor, left the room all while neglecting to hook up any of the body or floor alarms. While the staff member was out of the room our patient got up from their bed and tripped over the laptop and face planted. Another staff noticed and we ran down to take vitals and make sure the patient was okay. Thank goodness the patient wasn’t injured, but we were furious with our co-worker for leaving. Their excuse was they needed to get some paperwork they had been putting off.

All in all this person didn’t get fired (lord doesn’t even know why) but did get a slap on the wrist. My co-workers and I were pissed! You do not leave a patient while on 1:1, even if they are asleep!

Ranting about how mental illnesses aren’t real and that autism was fake. This was said after I told the co-worker I was autistic.

This dude walks a server out of the server room every six months or so to sell on eBay. We have literally no security except the front door, but the owner is so ancient and out of touch I doubt she even remembers things are being stolen.