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What is the worst thing that you’ve seen a coworker do and still avoid being fired?

Former job.

He would show up to shifts late like 3 or 4 days a week. He would also call-in on a somewhat regular basis.

Anyone else would have been fired for this. I have no idea what this manager saw in this guy.

He still works there afaik.

There are gonna be some savage responses out there but I work in a pretty professional environment so the worse thing I’ve ever seen was my coworker falling asleep as the head of our department starting announcing lay offs. She was not one of the people who were fired that day and still falls asleep in meetings. I don’t work there anymore and I still get updates about where she last passed out and those people that tell me work with her but are not her co-workers.

I know someone who managed to close an entire supermarket early for the first time in its history (costing the company several thousands of pounds) because they tried to set a clock on a computer back an hour to avoid missing some deadline for a daily routine. He said it seemed such a good idea at the time.

Had a coworker pull a knife and threaten to cut me. He did not get fired. I worked for the FAA