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What is the worst thing that you’ve seen a coworker do and still avoid being fired?

Drill a hole clean through a condensate line and have the ceiling of a three car garage collapse when the drywall gave. Me I am that guy. AMA.

Had a boss storing pictures of himself in only his wide open bathrobe on company servers. It was reported to HR but wasn’t fired for it. Later he was arrested as part of an undercover sting where he thought he was meeting a 15 year old girl about 500 miles away.

I worked for an organization that had a small maintenance department. It only consisted of two guys. They both hated their jobs and felt underpaid, and were applying to other jobs.

They both left work without telling anyone they were leaving to go to the same job interview. On the clock.

The job interview also happened to be for a job at a sister location for our office. And they both used our manager as a reference.

She got a phone call within minutes of their interviews, and collected their un-stamped time cards before they even got back to the office.

She had them dead to rights for wage theft.

But it also took two months to fill any position at our organization because of crushing bureaucracy for job postings. And the lawn needed to be mowed before the weekend.

They both got to keep their jobs. They were still working there six months later when I left.

Knocked over a shelf with over $100k worth of very expensive equipment on it. A bird had flown into the room from a large opened window, and in the attempt to corral the bird he knocked over the shelf.

He just said the bird did it, no repercussions.

Throw a large container of water out of a work vehicle and hit a motorcyclist.