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What’s a word you mispronounced for years without realizing it?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.

And were you embarrassed when you did realize you’d been saying it wrong?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

I was a pretty serious reader when I was a kid, so there were a ton of words that I learned through reading and never heard spoken aloud.

In eleventh grade, I used the word “purportedly” in an essay for AP English class, and the teacher ended up asking me to read the essay aloud for some reason. I stumbled over the word “purportedly” because, again, I’d never heard it spoken aloud, and the teacher (who I fucking idolized, btw–nerdy bookworm kid in an actually-challenging class in high school with a brilliant teacher? my god, I would have done anything for that guy) made fun of me for it in front of the whole class. He said something along the lines of “Hah, you can write it but you can’t say it? Lol okay.”

Thankfully I was already pretty sure of who I was as a person and didn’t let his actions tear me down or anything but goddamn.


Colonel. I still usually mispronounce it lol


I heard someone say years ago not to judge someone who mispronounces a word, because it means they’ve read it, and never heard it, and reading should be encouraged. I’ve always tried to remember that.

When I was younger (around 9-10) I used to LOVE reading murder mysteries, and never quite understood the word ‘manslaughter’. I thought it was mans-laughter, because the person who did the crime MUST have thought it was amusing to kill someone, and when I heard the word pronounced on the news my whole world was changed ?

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