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You, a minor god, have grown bored of waiting for the next step in evolution. The other gods are tired of your complaints so they allow you to make one minor improvement to the human species. What change do you make?

You can change your gender at any time.

Wings. People are now able to fly and don’t need to use their cars anymore, slowing down climate change due to less pollution. But new problems arise as refugees are now flying over the oceans and many accidents happen because people are unable use their wings properly.

Ulcers, bruises, slight scratches, any wounds far from fatal heals 1000x faster than it currently does. By no means makes people invincible and just helps with the sometimes painful nuisances people deal with these days.

People will have stilt legs that grow as they age, but old people live in the clouds, stomping on children

You can choose a length for your hair to permanently remain