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You have to hunt down and kidnap your doppelganger. He looks, smells, thinks, and acts exactly like you. How do you lure yourself?

Ambush him at the Circle-K. Doubting it’s me, he asks, “If you’re really me, what number am I thinking?”

“Ninety-SIX, Dude…er…I mean Sixty-NINE!” Due to our borderline dyslexia he will then trust me unflailingly…er…and unfailingly.

Piece of pie after that.

Catfish him. He’s dumb enough to fall for it. He better not show me his face though🤮

I just wait for him to show up to the same places I go to

I’ll just wait behind the couch. it might be late before she gets there, as a mother of 2 children, but there is not a chance that she will not end up there during the night to benchwatch 90 day fiance. then I just wait 10 minutes. that sucker always falls asleep before the show even starts…

I wouldn’t have to, if they think like me they would be on a mission to kill me. We would find each other.