The Avengers turned Villains in endgame

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The Avengers turned Villains in endgame e ci spiega:

Alright, this movie is already old, but I’m new to MassimoL, and I finally can get it out my system (and I’m amazed I cannot find other posts like it, but I might just have used bad keywords).

So: Thanos IS a villain. He’s never been a good guy. Even when you have the best intentions in the world, if you plan involve a genocide and trumping every one that disagree with you: that’s textbook tyrant. There’s no debate here.

BUT, in endgame, the Avengers are ALSO the villains.

See, the movie (super)hero trope is pretty straight forward: just put your own interests aside to help others. The more you’re willing to risk just to make the world a better place, the more heroic you are.

That’s why the Thanos/Avegers pair works so well: Thanos plan on sacrificing the life of others for his own goal, while the Avengers would sacrifice themselves for others not to die. Simple, efficient: great premise for a story.

In every other movie, the plot is kicked-off by some sort of external threat, and the heroes have to overcome their weakness to defeat the threat. In Endgame however, there is no threat. The whole movie is set in motion by the own selfishness of the Avengers.

They can’t cope with their losses, they cannot stand their failure, so they decide to revert the snap. They do not ask around what the rest of the humanity thinks. They do not reflect on the impact of bringing back dead people after 5 years of mourning would have. They do not think about the countless catastrophes that would be caused by instantly snapping back 3 billion humans. They do not think about the 5 years gap, people that were in planes, husband and wifes that have found someone else, and God know how many other trauma such an event can cause…

Nope, they just think about themselves, their wounded ego, and their sadness.

How do you call a character that is willing to put everyone else’s life (and sanity) in jeopardy to achieve his own goal ? A Villain.

And this is what bugged me so much about this movie: it’s a superhero movie without hero. Infinity Wars works so great, Thanos is a real bad guy, and you want the heroes to succeed. Whereas in Endgame the more you think about it, the more you realize how awful the goal of the Avengers are…That could’ve been a very interesting and plausible story: even the Avenger would lose their mind in such a situation. But that’s not how it is shown in the movie. In the movie the Avengers are framed as heroes and the ending is supposed to be the happiest ending. And this is just not the case.