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Consiglio: Got a work opportunity in Europe, but I have so much FOMO.

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Hi, I'm a Software Engineer from Latin America, and I've been offered a job in Spain as a developer.
Thing is I really don't have the guts to decide to go or to stay, you see my parents are getting in their 60s already, they are both 56 yo. and I'm the youngest of three siblings, my sister and my brother both have their own lives but I know for a fact they won't be able to take care of my parents once they go old enough, they just don't earn enough money to do so and my brother is in a city far away.
So I'm very afraid of how they will be taken care of once they are old, and all the things we could do together as family that I will be missing out once I'm abroad, I love them so much I'm very afraid of missing out. Not only for my family, but for my friends that I will be leaving behind, the friends I've been sharing my whole life with.
So what can I do? Am I having an irrational fear?