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Consiglio: If you are shy and speak very little, you can compensate it by smiling a lot

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I've recently met a guy, called (not) Pedro, who is a friend's boyfriend. He is very shy, he barely speaks, and when he brings something to the conversation it's usually through his girlfriend. The thing is, even though he is barely part of any conversation, everyone —including myself— really likes him and you do miss him when he's not there. I wondered why that might be, and I figured out it's because he really smiles a lot with a big genuine grin, and he's always engaged in the conversation and reacts to it.

Of course I'd say that faking it too much might not be very comfortable and genuine, but still I figured it's an advise that might help someone here. Cheers!

Edit: I agree with some comments that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being quiet, and there is no need to fix yourself. But I think it’s a valid advice for people that do want to feel more engaged and welcome and overall appreciated. I did suffer from terrible social phobia a decade ago, and I truly felt I closed so many doors and was missing out on life. Defeating that made me able to engage more with others and I felt much better with myself. And now I’m a big smiler too. But, yes, always be yourself!