Mini Guide

Consiglio: Make “mugshots” of your pets in case they get lost and you need clear pictures of their appearance to help people looking for them

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

On places like Facebook, I sometimes see that people are posting about their pet being lost. Those posts often come with rather unclear pictures of the pet in question because those were just shot randomly as their pet was just being cute at that moment.

By making clear pictures in a mugshot-like fashion of your pets, you will help people identify your pet more accurately, thus increasing the chance your pet gets identified/found. Also take some pics of certain features that are unique to your pet, like a specific marking on their fur or an old scar from a surgery or something. Descriptions are good, but pictures are better!

Also, equipping your pet with a collar that has a tag with your contact information on it will help immensely!