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Boyfriend (25M) says I’m (22F) too sensitive

His behavior about your eating disorder is abusive, and he’s an asshole. You’ve tried to talk to him already. He just doesn’t respect you, and he won’t change.

Everyone has already said enough about him and, they are correct.

You need to find someone who has a better head on his shoulders, who is more sensitive to you and your needs. Someone who wants to believe in you and help you grow as a person and help you overcome your challenges when you need it, not subjugate and belittle you.

Your boyfriend is a sexist (“kids hate their moms who continue to work” leading into expectations you give up your career to be stay at home) and a jackass overall. When you are honest with him about your feelings, instead of attempting any degree of compassion (whether he agrees or not), he dismisses you and digs his heels in, continuing the hurtful behavior. It’s disrespectful. So is his insulting your intelligence when he doesn’t communicate. He said you guys would call back on his phone, so expecting to end the call in yours isn’t unreasonable. If he wanted to keep both phones on a call to get help quicker, he should have said so, not insulted you when you made a reasonable assumption (and honestly that wasn’t a big deal AT ALL). But then he said something shitty to you and rather than admit he was being shitty, made you the problem, “you’re too sensitive”. He isn’t a good partner, and his lack of empathy especially with your eating disorder seems like he’s only going to continue picking at you for things you’ve told him you are (reasonably and understandably) touchy about. I think you should reevaluate your relationship and find someone who treats you with respect, kindness, and warmth.

What I’m seeing is red flags. Your feelings are valid. He’s invalidating them. That’s a huge red flag.

You’re not being too sensitive. He just thinks he can manipulate you into letting him emotionally abuse you. You’re not supposed to go out of your way to make your partner feel small and worthless, and that’s exactly what he’s doing to you. Also, “this isn’t angry” is a thinly veiled threat.

From your post, it seems like you’ve explained everything to him clearly. He hasn’t even attempted to change the way he treats you. This person doesn’t seem to care about you the way you care about him.