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Boyfriend (25M) says I’m (22F) too sensitive

You are going out with a manipulator. I would not recommend that you continue the relationship. His behaviour won’t become better but worse with time. Tell him you need someone more sensitive in your life and break up.

Probably not what you would like to hear but it had to be said.

No… These are red flags.. And Girl I hope you relize soon that this man child is toxic need to leave… B.c the weight thing alone is toxic.everything just.adding to this bad situation

Start standing your ground. When he’s disrespectful you get mad and shut it down. He has to see there are consequences for his actions. Or if you aren’t good with confrontation, tell him you don’t want to see him for some time or that you’re turned off by his actions and need some time to think. This is really bad behavior and if it doesn’t change after you start standing your ground, you should probably leave him, sorry to say. :/ hope things work out for you. You shouldn’t be with someone that fucks with your mental health

People who respond immediately to constructive criticism of their behavior with “you’re too sensitive” are gaslighting assholes. They’re taking the blame off of themselves for their behavior and putting it back on you for your response. Please don’t let him bully you out of being rightfully upset about his frankly borderline abusive nonsense.

This is how he conditions you to get used to his mean comments so he doesn’t have to stop being a jerk. He makes it somehow your fault for taking offense when he’s literally being offensive.