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My (20F) Boyfriend (20M) Burned My Makeup & Threw It Away Just To Get Me To “Feel More Confident Without It.” Is This A Deal Breaker Or A Good Thing?

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So last week I was looking for my makeup checking the cabinets and draws in the bathroom and I couldn't find it anywhere and it was weird because I always left it in the cabinets. So I asked my boyfriend if he knew where my makeup was and he told me that he burned it and threw it away in a very blunt way. I was so pissed at him and told him why in the hell would you do that and he said that “you shouldn't be relying on that makeup to make you feel confident, trying to compete with these other women and doing it because of society.” Which kinda left me speechless because I was kinda doing it for those reasons but he still could've told me that he was about to do that. He also said that “I hate seeing y'all girls especially you putting on makeup and hiding the actual you from the world.

If us men don't need makeup to look good then y'all don't need makeup to look good either because it's a fact in science that women look better than men overall. I get it that it's like a work of art or to express yourself but you should express first in the natural way and not in a Lady Gaga way. You need to feel confident without that eyeliner, lip stick, brush and etc.”

I think he's speaking the truth but I still think he went too far with it. I need y'all opinion/insight/advice on this.

Edit: He has psychosis and has a obsessive compulsive disorder. He probably had an episode of good intentions but I don't know. He's also has hypomania.

Edit #2: ?Ight people I get it sheesh. No need to get triggered. I just broken up with him and blocked him. It's not like we all got a gun to our heads and if I don't leave him we're all dead???‍♀️.

That’s a psychotic thing to do. He destroyed items that belong to you without regard to how you would feel about it.

Not only is makeup expensive, it is also a tool a lot of humans use to feel better about themselves, and there is no shame in that.

Deal breaker for sure.

…has this been a subject that has been brought up between you before? Because burning it is a huge over reaction and a bizarre one at that. Also he’s supposed to be your boyfriend not your dad so what right does he have to touch your belongings?

Regardless of what he claims his motivation was, it was just him having a power trip and using faux feminist mantras to justify it. You have every right to be offended about what he did.

Wow, he went way too far. That was your property. It’s your own right to want to put on makeup, not anyone else’s. Seriously, he probably thinks he means well but it’s controlling and manipulative.

Girrrrrrl, no. He could’ve went about your makeup a whole different way and actually spoke to you how he felt.

It seems to me that he is actually trying to control the way how you look because he doesn’t want other guys to look at you. Some people just want to look good to look good. It’s not always for someone. This is a deal breaker.

He literally just threw out all of your makeup without letting you know, showing that he DOESN’T care about the way how YOU felt about it! Assuming you bought all of that makeup, is he gonna reimburse you? I’d be pissed off if he just threw away all of my makeup and gave me an excuse like this!

oh honey throw the whole man away

even if he was right about why you do makeup, he still destroyed your personal belongings (and a buttload of money as well). that’s a big red flag. this controlling behavior is probably going to escalate eventually, so you need to get out before that happens.