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What incident made you lose respect for your parents?

When my dad told me that maybe the nazis were right in trying to wipe out the Jew’s. I just walked out of the room after that

When I came out to my parents in 9th grade and they switched me to home schooling so I wouldn’t “continue to be corrupted”, took away all my electronics that gave me access to talk to any of my friends including my xbox, put me in conversion therapy sessions, and basically wouldn’t let me out of the house unless it was for church or therapy.

It’s been years now, like at least 6, but I still don’t open up to them because I know how shitty of people they are. They don’t know shit about my social life, I literally give them fake names for each of my friends bc I don’t even want them to know who I’m hanging out with.

When my mom told me about an incident that I remembered of a party we went to when I was a kid. I remember that my dad left for a while somewhere and my mom was mad but recently she told me he left with a woman and came back with different shoes and there was no way he didn’t have sex with her.

About everything my dad did. From being an alcoholic to abusing pills. Treating me and my mom like shit. Him leaving his job saying his back hurt when really he just wanted to get high on pills all the time. But i think the worst of all is that he did that so much that he left his young daughters fatherless in their 20s. My sister just had her first baby and he’ll never see that. My moms depressed as shit over him dying. He could’ve been a good dad if he got his mental ilness and addiction under control. I have the same mental illness and im doing a o k.

I found pictures of one of them naked with other person that I was told just a friend. I’m not gonna specify which parent.