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What incident made you lose respect for your parents?

My mother’s hippocricy and recounting events in a way that the other person was always the asshole, dedpite having witnessed them myself and knowing the truth.

when my dad said the n word , or when he threatened to shoot me

We grew up in a lower-middle income apartment in a decently sized midwest city. Which meant it had quite a few black families.

I’m white.

I always hung out with the black kids tho and they always became my friends.

We played basketball, all the damn time. So it made sense I hung out with the people who also wanted to hoop all day.

Well my dad is a closet racist. He always called my friends “Black Chris”, “Black Steven”, stuff like that. I didn’t even have any other friends named Chris. So there wasn’t gonna be a mixup. He just didn’t like I was hanging out with. black friend.

I guess it coulda been worse.. and he coulda used the N word but he didn’t curse ever and never said that word. Just didnt really approve on me always hanging out with black people.

Made me lose a lot of respect for him.

My friend lost respect for his parents when they demanded that they didn’t want to go into a care home when they got old. Yet his parents dumped his grandparents into a care home and barely visited them.

When my step mother threw a steak knife at me. It impacted blade first in the wall about an inch and a half away from my eye. Had it been a little over I would have lost that eye.