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What incident made you lose respect for your parents?

Around 18 years ago my mom gave birth to me- total dick move

We were watching a show. One of the main characters was revealed to be gay. My parents got upset. When I asked why they were upset, the exact words that came out of my mother’s mouth were “Because it’s wrong, and they’re trying to make you believe it’s okay.”

When my mom laughingly told a story about her friend who had married a Thai woman who worked in a massage parlor and was joking about how he had to get a translator to tell her that she wasn’t supposed to give her customers blowjobs anymore.

All this around the table at the first family dinner I had brought my Thai wife to. My wife is very involved in rescuing Thai victims of human trafficking in America.

My mom stealing the money my dad gave her to give to me so I could attend prom. My dad asked if I bought the tickets and when I didn’t know what he was saying, she came clean that she went shopping with it. And he let it the fuck go like nothing.

To this day she still does this. I go on weekend trips with her to Gatlinburg sometimes. He said my mom wanted to go back soon and when I said I couldn’t afford it, he said “But your mom pays for everything.”

I was bewildered and told him I pay for everything I eat, drink, or do when we go there and I easily spent hundreds each time following her around. He went, “Oh.”

When she said I wish I never adopted you…That is the most hurtful things she’s said to me in 30+ years