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What incident made you lose respect for your parents?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What incident made you lose respect for your parents?
What incident made you lose respect for your parents?

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When my mother called a black taxi driver the n word to his face. He was driving us home. He tried to make friendly conversation.

I apologized on her behalf and she laughed it off. I still think about that poor guy who just did his damn job.

My father and his wife let a 25 year old man live with us when I was 14. I repeatedly told them that this man tried to hug me and sleep in the same room as me. Then, the man when to jail for rape.

They let him move back in after he was released.

One time my brother and my dad got in a huge fight. The next day, my brother’s two pet guinea pigs went “missing”. Which should’ve been impossible because their cage was locked and no one should’ve opened it.

For like two weeks my dad gaslit my brother and said that maybe he left the cage open on accident and had us all looking around the house for them.

Then he and my brother got into another argument and my dad yelled “That’s why I drowned Harold and Gerald!”(the names of the guinea pigs).

My brother was only 12 at the time. He was devastated. He yelled and screamed and cried the whole night and was despondent for weeks after.

My dad said he was sorry and tried to be extra nice to him for a while to make up for it, after he saw how badly my brother was hurt. But I think it changed things between them forever.

I mean I still respect her but finding out my mom cheated on my dad, then confronted her about it and she lied. She still does actually

When my mom told me to get a new best friend, because she didn’t feel comfortable with a Muslim in our house.