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Bf (24) told girl (20s) that he hopes she is still single if we don’t work out (19F)

When you snoop when you don’t have a reason to suspect anything, it’s wrong. When you snoop because you know your SO is up to something but isn’t being honest with you, oh well.

You can break up with him with or without telling him what you found. I think it’s better to come clean so they don’t have any misunderstandings about the breakup. I would say, “Hey, you can go tell that super attractive girl you’ve been messaging that you’re single now. Adios, sucker!”

You deserve better, sis! If that man wants any girl other than you no matter what your situation is (fighting or not), he is not ready for a serious relationship! More importantly, he is not ready for you. Sometimes you need to trust your gut. Snooping causes these issues, but at the end of the day, you’ve already done it and found something that hurt your heart and is going to make it hard to trust him, and thats hard to let go of. Best of luck with whatever you do

This breach can’t be fixed. You are just an option to him. Leave.

He seems like he is keeping his options open. Dump him and move on

Don’t feel bad. You’re not overreacting. Him saying that to another woman is blatant disrespect towards you and your relationship. Saying something like that is unacceptable. You don’t wanna date someone who is actively seeking second options.