Relazioni e amore

Bf (24) told girl (20s) that he hopes she is still single if we don’t work out (19F)

You’re literally his place holder…. leave.

Dump him. You deserve someone who is only thinking about you!

Dump him for the mere fact you don’t trust him and your insecurities. Best case scenario, since he said that a couple months ago, you two had had a tough spot where it seemed you two might break up and all talk since has been harmless… especially since the only thing that caught your interest in the conversations with her was almost 2 months ago. Worst case, he doesn’t respect the relationship and is keeping options open.

Either way, even if it’s harmless, the fact you skipped completely over talking to him first about your discomfort and giving him an opportunity to come clean and went straight to snooping…you’ll never feel secure with him getting texts from female friends. Break up with him, work out your insecurities and then go find a guy who doesn’t have those kinds of sentiments even during the rough patches.

Jeeze. Yea, nah. Leave that. You don’t emotionally invest in someone else on the off-chance your relationship might tank. That’s bullshit.

You’re either in it or you’re not. Put it simply, look at yourself and see how you’re not doing that. Talk with him about, ask him where he sees your relationship going. Tell him you did snoop and you didn’t mean to, be responsible for your actions. Then ask him to reflect on his conversations with that girl and ask how comfortable he would be if you were saying the same thing to other men.

You shouldn’t feel like an option to someone who is supposed to love you and want to be with you over all others.

LEAVE. Disgusting. So unfair to you and even this girl. Stringing you both along