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My (23F) mom (54F) says it is going to ruin our relationship if I dont shave.

This is insane. She spent 23 raising you and she’d throw it all away due to a personal decision about your own body hair??? No way. Do not give in to this demand. Call her bluff because even if she pretends to take a huge stand on this I highly doubt she would follow through. And frankly if she would follow through maybe you need to know that to make your own decisions about your relationship with her.

She doesn’t have to approve why is it bothering her so much if you shave or not?

have you asked her what this means to her? becuase this is her shame, or her envy at your freedom from shame. Or old fashioned internalized misogyny. ” Mom can we have an awkward conversation” and then if she agrees, “this is obviously more about you than me, so what is this to you? what is this really about.” Because it’s not about hair follicles.

I hate myself sometimes about it, but I don’t hardly shave my bottom legs or my arm pits covered in skin tags, i don’t shave my thighs because i can’t see there and i don’t wax my vagina either, I even get really dark hair on my stomach around my belly button. Like what am I bigfoot? Lol! Bothers me sometimes. But i don’t care to fix it either. So I prefer to just be miserable, I have dark hair myself. Never wear anything revealing. My husband and gf don’t care but it still bothers me. That’s my own fault i suppose. I have really sensitive skin I already use sensitive shaving cream and sensitive razors and always end up itchy so thats why i also don’t bother.

Hi OP, if you continue to not shave and your relationship with your mom suffers from it, you will not be the one ruining the relationship, your mother will be. This is seriously such a weird hill to die on since it literally doesn’t effect her, and your mother doesn’t get to control what you do with your body.